Opening the Mind

27th January was marked by the United Nations to remember the victims of the Holocaust, commemorating their heroism in the face of oppression and extreme adversity. Communities all over the world pay their respects for the fallen, in grim reminder of a heartwrenching event that changed thousands, if not millions of lives.

The infamous catastrophe was the embodiment of religious intolerance, incitement, harassment and violence against entire communities of different ethnic origin or religious belief. Call it a product of severely narrow minds, if you will – one which was the cause of much unnecessary bloodshed and anguish in its genocidal wake. The narrow Nazi mind eventually became subjected to its own extermination camp, one from which the only escape was death as many fought in the Resistance to overthrow the tyranny.

Unity in Adversity

Partisans and resistance forces united in a time of oppression and crisis, surviving and pushing forward by maintaining effective underground connections and communications. Secret messages were passed along at high risk by even children from family to family participating in the resistance; it could be in the form of a piece of message in the hair ribbon of an innocent little girl. According to Eitan Behar of World Zionist Organization, the underground in Krakow sent combat personnel outside the ghetto to the “Aryan” part of the city to stage successful attacks on German military forces, with thousands of Jews from across Europe making their way into the swamps, mountains and forests to join forces with the partisans, fighting bravely behind enemy lines and facing certain death. This unity allowed them to realize their uprising to end the oppression and free their people.

In this Information Age of global interconnectivity, we now have the tools to communicate without the restriction of physical limitations, enabling us to express and exchange information and ideas with anyone around the world. Online social networks like B4 Network help ‘uniteindustrial automation business people, promoting international trading and communications with the absence of geographical boundaries. This sense of borderless communications is, however, a double-edged sword, as what can be seen in the recent Je Suis Charlie tragedy. We can only do so much to prevent history from repeating itself. One good way for us to do so is to constantly champion an open mind.

We at B4 Network commemorate today’s event with a solemn note on the importance of promoting unity and open-mindedness, regardless of religious, racial, or socio-political differences.

The B4 Network Marketing Team

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